EDvance participates in National Black Child Development Institute

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

EDvance staff members Lygia StebbingAshley Williams and Francesca Teixeira, EDvance CAD alumni Brijhe PointerJonsha Harris and Kowanda Tyrell and current EDvance CAD students Jessica CamposMelva Bosley and Kayy Williamsparticipated in the 48th annual National Black Child Development Institute, which was held in Dallas the second week of October.

Stebbing and Williams facilitated a workshop with Pointer and Harris on “Embracing Authentic Assessment through Learning Stories.” In the presentation, the alumni shared how learning stories have impacted their practice, allowing them to focus on children’s strengths and increase family involvement. Williams facilitated a workshop with the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment on “Reconstructing Leadership in Early Childhood Education.”

Student and alumni attendance was generously supported by San Francisco’s Office of Early Care and Education. Through this experience, both students and alumni will be hosting local workshops to share their takeaways with the early childhood community and identifying ways to incorporate their learning into their early childhood classrooms in San Francisco.

Pictured (left to right): Jessica Campos, Lygia Stebbing, Derrick Smith (USF faculty), Jonsha Harris, Brijhe Pointer and Ashley Williams